Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse Ride On

Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse Ride On

Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse Ride On Review.

You want to bring your kid an exciting gift but you are doubtful about what you will bring? Don’t worry, because Radio Flyer has thought about you and here it provides you with its ultimate toy: the Champion Interactive Horse Ride On.

This product measures 38 x 41 x 21 inches, weighs 21 pounds and fits perfectly inside your house or even in the backyard and it provides safe simulated horse riding which can be the most exciting activity for your kid in the age between 2 and 6 years.

- Ease of use
- Heavyweight support
- Adorable
- Good quality
- Product quality guaranteed

- Suitable for kids
- Unable to adjust size
- Unable to adjust shape

Why we liked this product :

This giant toy is equipped with 3 AA batteries to provide interactive effects such as sounds when riding or chewing while using the carrot toy or brushing the yarn mane using the comb toy or when simply riding with 3 different modes of riding: walk, trot or gallop trigger each of them offers realistic riding sounds.

This interactive horse is equipped with a base shaped in an X to provide maximum security while riding and a small stair step is also included to allow the kid to climb on the horse safely. Straps are also included when riding. The product is totally made of high quality material and is skin-friendly.

If you want to properly pamper your kid and give him something he will never forget about, the Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse Ride On is the absolute answer to your doubt.

Our Ratings for Should you buy it?

Quality - 94%
Ease Of Use - 96%
Durability - 80%
Worthiness - 88%

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